James Franco has added another pop song to his list of strange lip sync clips. Hot on the heels of Katy Perry and pals making their own video for the track, the Oscar nominee hopped on the Carly Rae Jepsen bandwagon, performing a shaky rendition of her inescapable hit, 'Call Me Maybe.'

Franco and an unidentified blonde female sing and sync along to the track in a car. The duo don't seem to know many of the lyrics outside of "in my way" and the chorus, which they accompany with the hand-phone move that will likely forever be associated with this song. The bearded Franco grins and gesticulates along with the lyrics. If nothing else, the man is very self-aware and sees the irony and humor in his whack covers. His companion at times looks alternately confused, horrified and amused.

It appears Franco's fro is gone, or at least obscured by his hat. In his last musical endeavor, a bizarre rendition of Rihanna's 'You Da One,' he sported huge hair -- likely from just removing the corn rows he sported for 'Spring Breakers.'

Speaking of 'Spring Breakers,' Franco's cover of 'Love You Like a Love Song' by his co-star, Selena Gomez, remains likely his best work to date. He knew all the words, as well as the original performer, which made it simultaneously hilarious and a smidgen creepy.

We dig Franco's 'Call Me Maybe' cover, but we still think the first, featuring cameos from Gomez and boyfriend Justin Bieber, takes the cake.

Watch James Franco Lip Sync to 'Call Me Maybe'