Jason Derulo was the second performer to take the stage at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. The former Teen Choice Award winner was introduced by singer Avril Lavigne and 'Twilight' star Nikki Reed.

Wearing a black leather jacket, a T-shirt, skinny jeans and black leather gloves, the R&B crooner performed his smash hit 'Don't Wanna Go Home.' Armed with a troop of dancers, Derulo ripped through his song while incorporating an intricate dance routine.

With a giant screen projecting his name in gold glittery lettering, Derulo busted out Usher-esque floor glides, break dance moves, quick steps and a wide range of other choreographed moves. A smoky dance floor and intense light show also added to the ambiance of Derulo's high-energy performance.

At times, it seemed as if Derulo was running out of breath, but he turned it out in the end with his amazing moves, reminding us that Chris Brown isn't the only dancer nowadays that can bust a move. After seeing his performance, we really hope Jason Derulo isn't too serious about taking a break from music!

Derulo's new album, 'Future History,' is slated for release on Sept. 27.

Watch Jason Derulo Perform 'Don't Wanna Go Home' at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards