Jason Derulo can throw one crazy pool party. His booty-popping bash in the newly released video for his next hit ‘Wiggle’ is packed with beach balls, pool floats and lots and lots of pretty ladies, of course.

The video kicks off with Jason in bed with not one, not two or three, but seven of those ladies. He proves he’s worthy of such game by showing off his own moves pretty much anywhere there's room to dance, including a floating platform in the middle of the pool at the video’s main setting, a huge white mansion.

Snoop Dogg and Ne-Yo join the party, which only seems to get wilder and dirtier as the song progresses. There’s even an ice sculpture in the shape of a woman, with a water fountain running down between her cheeks. And we’re not talking about the cheeks on her face.

For a song dedicated to female backsides, it’s no surprise that the video has a lot of them. Wiggling, shaking, popping — Jason has got all movements covered.

Check out Jason Derulo's video for 'Wiggle' up above!

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