UPDATE (1/7): Lip Sync Battle has officially stepped their game up to the next level.

Who else would make a cameo during Channing's performance of Beyonce's "Run The World (Girls)" than, um...QUEEN BEY HERSELF?

We're still in disbelief, really.

The sacredness of marriage involves vows to remain faithful, extend support wherever needed and — if the next episode of Lip Sync Battle is any indication — mock each other's starring roles in movies about down-on-their luck strippers.

Jenna Dewan Tatum, Supergirl's Lucy Lane, delivers her own racy Magic Mike routine in the preview of the SPIKE show's Season 2 premiere above. Though it was the actress' husband, Channing Tatum, who made the movie's eponymous dancer a household name, it's she who extends Mike's legacy into 2016.

In the clip, Dewan Tatum tackles Ginuwine's "Pony" with the eagerness of a Chippendales bench player. Her choreography kicks off with some sultry in-chair gyrating before she ejects from the seat, knee-slides toward the audience and shows off her abs. Finally, to make the routine more intimate, she invites a fan (her husband!) to experience the performance a little more closely. And based on his expression, we'd say he got his money's worth.

"Is this like a typical night at the Tatum household?" show host LL Cool J asks when the dust settles.

"Totally," she responds. "We lap dance every night."

The next season of Lip Sync Battle will also feature Kevin Hart squaring off against Olivia Munn, Nina Dobrev taking on Tim Tebow and Anthony Anderson going toe to toe with Tracee Ellis Ross.

Check out the preview, and be sure to see which Tatum takes the cake on the Season 2 Lip Sync Battle premiere tomorrow (January 7) on SPIKE.

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