Jennifer Lawrence is back in her Katniss braid for the filming of the third ‘Hunger Games’ installment, ‘Mockingjay.’ Check out the new photos of the actress in-costume on the set.

The 23-year-old was photographed today (May 7) surrounded by cameras and film crew — and eccentrically dressed citizens of the Capitol, of course.

The photos were taken in Paris, but the background doesn’t give much away, so we’re dying to know exactly which part of the movie is being filmed in the City of Light.

JLaw was all bundled up in a heavy-looking teal quilted jacket, spanning from head to toe. The oversized hood almost covers her face, almost as if it’s meant to disguise her. What do you think, ‘Hunger Games’ fans? Any good guesses on what scene we’re looking at?

 Jennifer is working that teal-colored coat.

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 Check out those extras — is Katniss hanging out in the Capitol?

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Hmm… Is the coat for a disguise or is it chilly in the Capitol?

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