Jennifer Lawrence has proven over and over that despite the fame, money and Academy Award, she’s a regular girl at heart. Who else would bring a purse full of Slim Jims to the Oscars?

The 23-year-old actress had a lot of funny anecdotes to share with Kelly during her visit to ‘Live With Kelly and Michael,’ including all of the yummy snacks she smuggled into the Academy Awards to get her through the long televised ceremony.

“I had some Slim Jims,” Jennifer admitted, “hot and mild, because I didn’t know what kind of mood I’d be in. And then candy, and then breath mints, to counteract the Slim Jim.” The visual of her sneakily unwrapping Slim Jims as people received their Oscars is too hilarious.

When Kelly asked the ‘X-Men’ star what she did for fun as a kid, she revealed that her parents owned a summer camp while she was growing up.

“When we were little we had to go every day, and then when we got old enough we had to work there. So I was an assistant nurse,” she shared.

And even though she was only 12 at the time, she knew she loved it. “I actually had a five-year plan when I came out here to act,” the blonde said. “I was like, ‘I’ll give it five years, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll go to nursing school.’ I still sometimes wonder if I made the right decision,” she added with a laugh.

Looking at clips of her performance in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,’ we think she made the right choice. She kills it in the blue-bodied role of Mystique, which, she explained, takes three hours to get in-costume for.

“Only three hours now. We went down from eight to three,” Jennifer said. Eight hours of makeup sounds like torture. So how did they cut down the time?

“They put me in a suit that is great, I just can’t pee in it,” she confessed. “So I have to pee out of what’s called a Go Girl, which is a funnel. So I stand up to pee.”

Well, Jennifer is certainly dedicated to her craft, we’ll give her that!

Kelly also had the star play a game of ‘Name That Jennifer,’ during which J. Law would hold up photos of other famous Jennifers to her forehead while Kelly called out hints and the original Jennifer tried to guess who was on the card.

The ‘Hunger Games’ actress nailed it, guessing correctly on all nine Jens, including Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Love-Hewitt. The young Jennifer must be pretty competitive, because halfway through she screamed out, “I am KILLING IT!”

Jennifer, you’re killing it in pretty much everything you do! Except maybe walking in heels.

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