Jennifer Lopez gets personal in her upcoming album, 'Love?,' on which she sings about her past romances with Diddy and Ben Affleck, as well as her current relationship with husband Marc Anthony.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, J. Lo discusses the track 'One Love,' which focuses on her famous partners and the idea of having one true soul mate. "When [the producers] first wrote the song for me, it was very generic," explains Lopez. "I loved the idea, though, so I said, 'Why don't we make it more 'me'?' I sat there and wrote the verses with them, and we went through every major relationship I've ever had, asking the question, 'Is there one love?'"

J. Lo also goes on to praise Lady Gaga, who has two songwriting credits on 'Love?' "She's a great songwriter," gushes Lopez. "I don't just love her lyrics, but also her melodies."

On the May 5 edition of 'American Idol,' J. Lo will move from her judging seat to the stage to perform the new 'Love?' single 'I'm Into You' on the show. 'Love?,' which drops May 3, has already yielded a Top 5 hit with its first single, 'On the Floor.'