Jennifer Lopez debuted her brand spanking (no pun intended) new video for 'Dance Again' on 'American Idol' tonight (April 5) and it was pretty racy stuff for prime time TV. We already knew it was going to be steamy, based on the evidence, such as the still photos and the teaser J. Lo released beforehand. Turns out a truncated version aired on 'Idol,' with the full clip debuting online, due to its sexy content.

When Ryan Seacrest introduced the clip, Lopez called it "fun" and said it was filled with joy. What we saw was Lopez, crawling on the floor, grooving, grinding and lovingly touching her real-life man, dancer Casper Smart. That looks like fun and joy-filled to us.

Lopez and Smart are well choreographed in this clip. They dance in sync and didn't miss a beat. But their chemistry also radiated from our TV screen; we were worried the thing might spontaneously combust from the heat these two generated.

La Lopez was blasted with gold shimmer in some scenes, while the camera angles flipped so she and Smart appeared like they were hanging upside down and dancing on the ceiling. It's a highly visual video, with lots of elements meshing together.

Lopez's old pal Pitbull, who previously offered an assist for Lopez's hit 'On the Floor,' is in the mix, wearing a tux with a white jacket and sunglasses, adding his dapper, debonair style to the mix.

Just as we were getting excited to see the, uh, climax, the video dead stopped and "to be continued" scrolled across the screen. It was a WTF moment, that's for sure. Thankfully, we found the rest online.

The video also features a bunch of bodies laying on top of one another, writhing and touching one another. It was a PG orgy of bodies, if you will, since they were simply rubbing one another with their hands. It was certainly heated!

Watch Jennifer Lopez Feat. Pitbull 'Dance Again' Video