Double stick tape or not, Jennifer Lopez had a wardrobe malfunction at the 2012 Oscars of the nip slip sort.

Ironically enough, J Lo was presenting costume and makeup Academy Awards alongside actress Cameron Diaz when a little bit of her areola showed. Her shimmery, champagne-colored gown was dangerously low-cut and you can see her top starting to migrate in the photo above. During the presentation, it shifted even more to expose a slight peek of her, uh, headlight. It's her left, your right, if you are looking straight ahead. While it wasn't a full on Janet Jackson moment, it was still enough to get people online talking. A lot. Not to mention loudly.

While we've come to expect sexy, skintight and skin-showing ensembles from this glamazon -hello 2000 Grammys and a green, jungle print Versace gown with a plunging neckline fastened only by the aforementioned double  stick tape- her wardrobe malfunction and overexposure happened on camera, in front of millions of viewers and Hollywood's elite on the night when the film industry hunkers down and gets serious about patting itself on the back.

Other than the nip slip, J Lo looked like a Grecian goddess, with her hair pulled taut into a bun, smoky eyes and glossy nude lips. But the custom Zuhair Murar couture dress, while pretty with its pleating, was a bit too revealing. J Lo takes fashion risks and the results after often head-turning, but this is one instance where she should have played it a wee bit safer.

Watch Jennifer Lopez Present Costume and Makeup Awards at 2012 Oscars