Step aside, haters: Our new favorite celebrity couple is coming through.

Amid dating rumors that have been brewing since May, actress and comedian Jenny Slate and Chris "Captain America" Evans made their public debut together at the New York premiere of The Secret Life of Pets on June 25. Slate, who voices a lapdog named Gidget in the animated movie, shared an Instagram video of the ride to the event in which she and three adorable kids in the backseat car-dance to Meghan Trainor's "Me Too."

The post's VERY passionate comments section is convinced that the unseen man laughing in the video is Evans; so am I, because I'm in love with their love.

The movie earned a thumbs up from a probably-biased Evans, who tweeted, "The Secret Life of Pets was fantastic! Jenny Slate was a personal favorite. Kevin Hart was hilarious too. Be sure to check it out!!" See a photo of the two at the premiere via Daily Mail.

The two met on the set of Gifted, an upcoming drama in which they and Octavia Spencer star, in the fall of 2015.

Slate split from her husband of almost four years, editor and director Dean Fleischer-Camp in May 2016. Back in April, she still referred to Fleischer-Camp as her husband during the interview that first sparked speculation over whether Slate and Evans were more than just new friends, a two-part episode of actress Anna Faris' relationship advice podcast, Anna Faris Is Unqualified. Throughout the conversation, in which they were joined by Faris and her husband Chris Pratt, Evans and Slate flirted and engaged in some grade-school level poking and punching.


"I didn’t know what to expect when I met Chris,” Slate told Faris on the podcast. “I was a little scared because I kind of felt like, Well, I don’t know him. He’s a giant man with huge muscles and he’s Captain America. How could we ever connect?"

Evans said of their friendship, "Oddly enough, I’ve only known Jenny for a few months, which is insane to say because we’re like the same animal."

As Refinery29 recently pointed out in a piece titled "Why Are We So Surprised When Female Comedians Date Hot Guys?," the idea that Evans, who is viewed as a leading Hollywood hunk after high-profile turns in Marvel movies, would date a woman best known for being funny has elicited an ocean of overblown shock and backhanded compliments. That is certainly true, though for me, it's more about Chris Evans being lucky enough to date Jenny Slate. Have you seen Obvious Child? You should watch Obvious Child.

The match also has a "worlds colliding" feeling similar to that of Taylor Swift's whirlwind romance with Tom Hiddleston, except we have yet to see any staged-looking photo leaks. I'll wait.


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