As the Michael Jackson trial gets underway, his brother, Jermaine, is on a campaign to dispel myths about the late singer. In his just-released book 'You Are Not Alone, Michael: Through a Brother’s Eyes,' Jermaine writes a touching memoir about his brother through his early childhood in Gary, Ind., to his phenomenal success as the King of Pop.

One of the topics that the book explores is MJ's obsession with plastic surgery. While critics felt that the singer was ruining his face, Jermaine believes that his brother was suffering from dysmorphia and wasn't doing anything radical from what other celebrities do everyday in Hollywood. "He wasn’t happy with something so he changed it," he explains to HuffingtonPost. "People do this every day, but when Michael Jackson does something it becomes international news. When you look at my sister, LaToya, what’s the difference between her and Michael? What’s the difference between her and Michael in terms of skin?"

When asked about Dr. Conrad Murray and his culpability in the death of his brother, Jermaine hopes that he, as well as MJ's fans, find the answers in the doctor's ongoing involuntary-manslaughter trial. "Of course Dr. Murray was responsible, but we don’t know if he acted alone because the surveillance tape at the house was erased," he says. "According to the investigation, it was the LAPD who erased the tapes. But something was erased before then, too. We’re trying to get answers to all these questions."

In the end, Jermaine wants people to buy his book to read the truth about Michael that wasn't reported in the press. "I want people to realize he was a human being," he says. "He didn’t deserve the things that were spread about him. But at the same time, he was the biggest entertainer out there. He was an incredible human being. The media wants to focus on all the lies."