Britney Spears is a massively successful entertainer, always sweet to her fans and an adorably doting mom. Who wouldn't want to date her? Well, if you ask Brit herself (and Jimmy Fallon) there's both pros and cons!

Last night (Sept. 9) on 'The Tonight Show,' the singer stopped by to promote her new lingerie line ... and to let Jimmy sign her up for Tinder. (Spoiler: Her description is hilariously on point!) The late night host promised that Brit controls the account now, so pop music fans need to get swiping.

But what do you need to know if you plan on dating Britney? No worries, the singer and Jimmy gave a rundown of all of the perks, as well as the downfalls. Naturally, the list had us cracking up the entire time. We love that Brit is making the most of her single-woman status. (And can we discuss how amazing she looks in that red jumpsuit?!)

Watch Jimmy and Britney discuss her dating life (and see a screenshot of her Tinder profile!) in the video above!

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