Okay, neither Jimmy Fallon nor Tom Cruise actually yelled this out during their hilarious round of 'Face Breakers' last night on 'The Tonight Show,' but it certainly looked like Cruise was hyped up enough to.

The two engaged in a friendly competition in the new game, which involved the host and the 'Edge of Tomorrow' star throwing footballs at glass panels with their faces printed on them. The winner would be the first one to shatter all of their opponent's faces.

Cruise threw the first football, shattering the glass so hard that he actually broke the frame around it.

"You broke the frame!" Fallon exclaimed while Cruise laughed. "What are you, the Hulk?!"

The comedic host then continued with a string of bad luck, accidentally hitting several glass panels with his face instead of Cruise's. But the two eventually got into a rhythm, which was soon shattered during the speed round when they frantically tossed the footballs at the glass wall until Cruise was ultimately crowned the victor. But that still wasn't enough for him, tossing footballs into the glass even after the game ended. Guess there's no competitive nature quite like an action movie star's!

Watch the LOL-worthy video above.