We're all still reeling from Zayn Malik's departure from One Direction, because there are some things you never truly get over. Admittedly, we'll never understand the pressure Zayn or the rest of the 1D guys are under, but Joe Jonas definitely does.

The former Jonas Brother commented on the situation, saying (quote via Just Jared), "We are all human and we are going through so many twists and turns. Look, I went through it myself and Nick, my brother, tweeted the other day that sometimes you have to go through some tough decisions to find true happiness and I stick behind him on that."

Joe went on to say, “I am so happy that we are now as close as we have ever been and I think [One Direction] are going through their own thing, I don’t know it’s their business. You know it is not easy. They are under so much scrutiny in their spotlight. And to live a normal free life is difficult, sometimes you want to be a kid and you want to grow up. To find normalcy in the craziness is the most important."

One Direction, meanwhile, have maintained a (mostly) united force, demonstrated most recently when Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson all attended an event together in London called The Great Gatsby Ball. Harry Styles was the only member not in attendance, but we'll pretty much take what we can get at this point. You can check out a photo of the three of them in suits over at E! News.

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