That John Mayer. He used to be such a cad. And so much fun when he opened the hole in his face to spew about his ex-girlfriends, calling them ridic things like "sexual napalm." (Hi, Jessica Simpson!) He's softened in his old age now that he is dating Katy Perry and reportedly rented out the Vista Theatre in East Hollywood to celebrate Valentine's Day with her. Aww!

A photographer took a pic of the two entering the theater and didn't see a single person  come or go at the establishment during the entire two-hour period the lovebirds were inside. We don't know what's crazier: that Mayer is all sorts of romantical and rentin' out venues, Justin Bieber style, or the fact that a snapper hung around for two hours, stalking them like so.

TMZ says the Vista would not confirm or deny that the couple – should we call them Payer? Merry? -- rented out the theater for a little alone time. So why else could they make use of the place with no other patrons? That's a no brainer.

The theater is showing 'A Good Day to Die Hard,' but an action film is not likely to be what they were watching. We doubt it was a dirty movie, either; they could have just stayed home. Perry was seen with a DVD in hand as she exited, so they brought their own entertainment. Perhaps her 3D movie? Nah, why would Mayer need to see that, when he can see her bodacious tatas up close?

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