It's only been a day since news broke that former reality star Jon Gosselin was working as a cook at a T.G.I. Friday's in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but he’s already gearing up to quit.

Gosselin says he plans on leaving his new job because one of his co-workers sold a photo they took of him working in the kitchen, which destroyed his trust, according to Page Six.

“I’m not going to work there anymore because now the trust and the teamwork is gone,” he said during an interview with Dallas radio station 103.7. “Now someone took a picture of me and sold it…Now I gotta leave a job I was passionate about.”

News of Gosselin’s surprising employment began circulating yesterday (July 20), and the restaurant’s general manager Scott Trompeter had nothing but kind things to say about the former TLC star.

“He works here because he likes to cook,” Trompeter said. “He cooks during the day for me and sometimes here and there. He’s done a great job the last couple of months. He’s part of my Friday’s family.”

Gosselin put in seven to eight hours a day as a cook, three days a week and reportedly donated his earnings to charity.

“He does a great job, but I know one thing for certain, he does donate his check every week,” Trompeter continued, though he admitted he was unsure which charities Gosselin donated to.

As of today, however, Gosselin has yet to formally quit T.G.I. Friday’s.

“Jon has not left Fridays,” said a rep for the restaurant. “His employment with us as a team member is in good standing."

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