Come on, you know that the Jonas Brothers' star-studded video for 'Burnin' Up' is one of your favorite guilty pleasures. Stop drinking the haterade and admit it. We are! VH1 has resurrected its 'Pop-Up Video' show and reveals at least 100 factoids about the Jo Bros and their 'Burnin' Up' video.

What did we learn that stuck with us, since there were so many facts flashing on screen and of small signifigance? Well, in the James Bond-themed scenes, the Jo Bros hired a real Bond Villain. That's Robert Davi of 'License to Kill,' which came out in 1989, the year of Joe Jonas' birth!

Stuntmen were used for the clip and Selena Gomez has the briefest of cameos, since she was Nick Jonas' lady love at the time! Yes, Gomez had a romantic life, pre-Bieber! It's hard to imagine her with anyone but The Biebs, but it's true.

Also, the higher ups at the Bros' label at Disney requested a lifeguard on site for the pool scenes, since you can never be too cautious with your cash Jo Bros, er, cash cows.

The trio also wanted actor Jamie Foxx to appear in the video and Disney gave the "okay," but Foxx doesn't appear. Instead, Danny Trejo does. The boys' bodyguard Big Rob also raps in the video, as well. Disney certainly had plenty of say about the video's content and well, they're allowed. They bankrolled the thing and needed to keep the boys safe.

While the Jo Bros as an entity are on hiatus, remember, Joe Jonas' 'Fastlife' is out now.

If you want more video factoids, watch the exhumed 'Pop Up Video' on Wednesdays at noon on VH1.

Watch Pop-Up Video of Jonas Brothers' 'Burnin' Up'