Something is rotten in the state of Jonas. Two days before their tour was set to begin in Philly on Oct. 11, the Jonas Brothers have canceled their fall trek. Apparently, the band -- comprised of brothers Kevin, 25, Joe, 24, and Nick, 21 -- are disagreeing majorly over the musical direction of the group.

Oh no, Jo Bros!

"There is a deep rift within the band," publicist Jesse Derris told PEOPLE. "There was a big a disagreement over their music direction."

It's surprising that the band's PR rep would be that forthcoming and frank with info. Usually, the media gets a "Due to a family emergency…" or a "Due to a sickness…" excuse when this stuff happens.

Apparently, the brothers had a huge argument about their musical path, which resulted in the 19-date tour being axed. Those who purchased tickets will get their money back, obviously.

Derris commented on the band's future and the status of their album 'V,' saying it "remains to be seen."

That's ominous.

With Kev Jo expecting his first child -- a girl -- and Joe Jo having done the solo thing, as has Nick, it's not like they haven't taken time off. Despite being a mega-selling band -- 20 million records sold, globally -- they are also brothers, and blood is thicker than musical direction.

The Jo Bros dropped a new single, the bouncy, pep rally-ish 'Pom Poms' this year. They also released the more EDM-esque 'First Time.'

The songs weren't similar at all, so perhaps that's where the disagreements are coming in. Neither were huge hits, but the Jo Bros faithful loved 'em.

A source speculated that the issue is strictly creative and has nothing to do with family.

We hope the Brothers Jonas are able to settle their musical issues and fast. Otherwise, the sound of millions of hearts breaking will fill the air if they break up.