Beliebers and Mahomies are about to go nuclear.

Justin Bieber Instagrammed a photo of himself and his heir apparent Austin Mahone, who turns 18 this Friday (April 4), in the studio. Were the two formerly swoopy bang-sporting teen pop sensations making beautiful music together?

It sure looks like it.

The duo posed with two other dudes in the studio and The Biebs captioned the snap "New music #YMCMB." Mahone, who has yet to have a real mainstream breakthrough track but has still cultivated a diehard legion of fanatics, is signed to the Cash Money label and therein lies the #YMCMB association.

So yeah, Biebs pretty much confirmed that some music was made and some work was done.

There's no telling if the song will end up on a future Bieber or Mahone release, or if they are featuring on someone else's track or if they were just messing around, since, well, boys will be boys. But do we really need to concern ourselves with such nominal details at this point? No, we don't! We just want to hear the fruits of this labor eventually.

Beliebers and Mahomies, get a look at the pic of the well-coiffed twosome below. Try not to let your heads explode or let deafening screams tumble from your mouths once you take it all in. We get that it's almost too much to handle, but why not just enjoy it?