Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone have more in common than just being two of the biggest pop stars on the planet and collaborating on a highly-anticiptated new song: They share a pretty similar fashion sense. In fact, the hotties both recently stepped out wearing a surprising choice -- both singers donned skirt-like ensembles. Who pulls of the skirt look best?

Justin Bieber rocked a white bandana around his waist while in Central Park recently. The bandana, which had a small slit on the left side, perfectly emulated a skirt -- particularly as he wore it over black pants. The skirt-like bandana was just one element of the Biebs' black and white ensemble, and he also paired it with a white, short-sleeved hoodie, blindingly white sneaks and a black fedora, tying the whole look together with black sunglasses. We have to hand it to him -- only Justin Bieber could look tough while wearing a "skirt."

Across the country, Austin Mahone landed in Los Angeles rocking what appears to be a red leather mini-skirt -- but open closer inspection, may actually be part of a longer shirt that is covered by his black T-shirt. Regardless, the red leather item looks seriously like a mini-skirt, complete with a punk-esque zipper on the side. Like the Biebs, Mahone pairs his "skirt" with a two-toned ensemble, choosing instead to dress in all red and black. Mahone rocks the red leather mini over shiny black pants and under a plain black tee, completing the ensemble with a black beanie and fire engine-red sneakers, as well as his signature gold chain necklace.

What do you think, PopCrushers: Who pulls off the "skirt" best? Cast your vote for Justin or Austin in the poll below!

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