Justin Bieber's troubles continue. The saliva-spewing singer has been BANNED in Vienna.

Well, he's not been banned from the Austrian city as a whole. He is just not allowed in a club known as Passage, which is located in the city. Apparently, his crew engaged in "violent behavior" which got them blacklisted. What, did they spit on someone?

Nope. One of the bodyguards, whose job it is to protect The Biebs, had their way with fan cameras. Yikes. That's a little extreme, no? Well, in all likelihood, it's probably the express job of one of the bodyguards to make sure that photos of the singer are avoided, so they don't end up all over the web, especially if he is doing something he doesn't want fans to see. So the security team probably takes a "by any means necessary" approach to protecting The Biebs' body and his image.

The Austrian Times reports (via Sugarscape) that several fans had their cameras smashed and their mobile phones, which are equipped with cameras by default, destroyed as they desperately tried to grab pics of the singer. That's no fun at all, now is it?

Even worse, one member of The Biebs' entourage supposedly groped the young females, who were crying over how they were treated on Saturday morning (March 30.)

The club's manager issued a terse statement: "Justin Bieber is no longer welcome here."

We're sure The Biebs can find somewhere else to party when he is in Vienna.

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