Feud alert! Justin Bieber used Twitter, where he is the most followed person alive, to hit back at the Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney. Biebs said the lanky sticksman ought to be slapped after he commented that the teen shouldn't be butt hurt about his Grammy snubs since he's rich.

The Biebs had a good reason to issue such an incendiary tweet.

Carney's comments socked the Biebs right in the gut, since the singer wants nothing more than to win a Grammy but wasn't even nominated for 'Believe.' The Keys, however, carried home three gold gramophones.

While Da Biebs was on vacation, staging a live web chat at the same time as the Grammy ceremony, breaking the Internet and garnering substantially more attention in the Twitterverse than any act at Music's Biggest Night, Carney was answering TMZ's questions about the snub heard 'round the world, and his answer seemed to wholly divorce commerce from art.

Carney basically said that because Bieber is rich, he doesn't need a Grammy or the artistic recognition that comes with it. Low to the blow. Ouch.

First, Carney gave his advice to future Grammy winners? "Buy a minivan and go on tour." When the reporter asked about the Biebs being dissed by the Grammys, since we all know these two acts run in the same circles and orbit each other's universe, Carney answered, "I dunno. He's rich, right? Grammys are for like, music, not for money. And he's making a lot of money. He should be happy."

It was likely an off-the-cuff answer, one he gave because he was asked a question he likely hadn't thought about.

Still, it struck a nerve with JB since he was so sore about being ignored by the Grammys.

We hope this doesn't escalate into a full-scale war between the Biebs and the Keys.