Cops confiscated Justin Bieber's cell phone when they raided his house last week hoping to find some sort of textual proof that it was he who egged his neighbor's crib. The Biebs was worried that naked photos and drug talk from the phone and its texts would leak, but that's not what authorities are looking for.

Still, the Biebs won't supply the password to the phone, which means cops may need another warrant.

One of the sheriff's lackeys asked The Biebs if they could look at his texts. They were seeking some sort of bragging text admitting he did the deed. The Biebs was like, yeah, that's not happening. He immediately declined to let them see his texts and they took the phone.

Fast forward a week and deputies have not cracked the phone's password or security code, according to TMZ. They don't even want to look at unrelated texts or info and even plan to use equipment that will isolate texts from the approximate time of the egg raid only.

Wow, that sounds cool! Still, The Biebs is concerned about his privacy. The cops can ignore those other texts all they want, but he is still worried about an information breach, which could cause more damage to his rep.

A search warrant from his cell phone carrier is likely the next step for cops as they pursue these elusive (and possibly non-existent) texts.