There's some legal good news and bad news afoot in the Justin Bieber camp that has nothing to do with his spitting problems and everything -- well, half -- to do with his "pal" Lil Twist, a hanger-on who is never NOT in trouble.

First, the good news for the embattled Biebs.

Earlier this week (July 31), Le Biebs was cleared by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office of charges that he committed a hit-and-run, striking paparazzo Damon Walter outside a comedy club in L.A. in June. Authorities deemed that Biebs did not knowingly hit the snapper with his Ferrari nor did he purposefully pin the photog to another car and then drive away.

Walter fell and sustained some minor scrapes on his legs, seeking local hospital treatment. Officers on the scene laid the blame on Walter, saying he was at fault for "being in the roadway and blocking Bieber's vehicle."

Since there were dozens of paparazzi around the car and on the sidewalk, the crowding and flasbulbs created a stressful and unsafe situation, through no fault of The Biebs.

And now the bad news.

Twist was named in a battery report filed by a woman who claims that he got aggressive with her inside Bieber's mansion in Calabasas. The woman was at the crib and at around 3:30AM on Thursday (Aug. 1), she decided to head out. When she attempted to exit, Twist grabbed her arm forcefully in an attempt to get her prevent her from bouncing. She drove right to the Sheriff's Department and cops are investigating the case.

No, The Biebs was not home when Twist allegedly got all handsy with a lady. This begs the question. Why is Twist living in his expensive crib? Hasn't this guy caused ENOUGH damage to his cars and his rep? It seems like he can sneeze and the cops are called, and it reflects on The Biebs.

Time to sever these ties...