Justin Bieber is the king of putting up the "It wasn't me" defense -- via his handlers and team -- whenever he is accused of bad behavior, like driving recklessly in residential neighborhoods and endangering children or spitting on his neighbors. Well, indisputable proof that The Biebs likes to hock saliva at people has surfaced, as photos of him spewing are now online. GROSS!

The photos were taken today (July 25) in Toronto in the singer's native Canada. He was on his hotel balcony when he let one loose. Perhaps Beliebers or even innocent pedestrians were congregated on the ground below and one of them got the human equivalent of a bird crapping on their heads. That’s supposed to be good luck but it's still icky.

And if we know Beliebers, if their hero's spit landed on their locks, and they found out it was his, they'd never wash their hair again. Right?

The possibility that a crowd was gathered below his balcony is incredibly likely, since we know his fans seek him out with the voracity of drug-sniffing dogs or bounty hunters. He also posted a video of shrieking fans outside the hotel earlier in the day. There's no reason to believe that they didn’t camp out even if security tried to shoo them away.

Spitting is gross, even when it's Da Biebs doing the spitting.

Watch Video of Beliebers Outside Justin Bieber's Hotel