Tsk tsk. Justin Bieber is breaking more rules. The singer, who is just 19, hit the NYC club scene and partied hard at 21+ events on Wednesday, May 29. Whoa, whoa, whoa. WTF?

TMZ reports that the Biebs rolled deep to not one, not two, but three clubs in Manhattan over the course of a few hours on what's lovingly referred to by the working class as "hump day."

First on the docket was Avenue. Next up? Marquee. Last on the list was 1 Oak. It was a three-fer. The Biebs is no joke when it comes to having a good time.

Both Marquee and Avenue had advertised Wednesday as a 21+ night. So you're wondering how he got into a clubs that had posted age restrictions? Well, TMZ reports that some clubs have licenses that allows minor onto the premises, which could be the case with Marquee and Avenue. It would mean that a law was not broken if they advertised as an over-21 night. As long as he wasn't drinking or smoking pot...

The Biebs can't catch a break. Spitting. Speeding. Accusations of inseminating. Club hopping when underage.

We wondered about his being on a collision course with a meltdown in March. Things seemed to be calming down for a hot minute. Now? Well, trouble may be brewing.