Justin Bieber recently moved into a condo in Beverly Hills, and if the sources at TMZ are to be believed, neighbors have already called the police twice on the singer -- which has prompted the Homeowner's Association to demand that security keep an eye on him.

According to TMZ, the Homeowner's Association had an "emergency meeting" about the pop star this week and have forced the owner of Bieber's units (Bieber is currently renting two units from the condo) to pay for overnight security. Security guards will supposedly be on duty from 6 PM to 8 AM.

Reportedly, neighbors initially called the cops on the 20-year-old singer due to excessive noise and an overpowering smell of weed. A week later, they allegedly called the police again due to loud party sounds from Bieber's units -- and, apparently, the screams of Beliebers who had made camp around the building in order to see the artist. Yikes!

While the Biebs may not be the world's best neighbor (he is reportedly being charged with criminal vandalism in his infamous egg-throwing incident), he is undoubtedly a good friend, rushing to help Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s kids after they were involved in a bad car accident last week. And then, of course, there was the time that he unknowingly helped to save the life of a young boy. It can also be argued that Bieber is doing somewhat normal, twenty-something things (partying loudly until early in the morning) -- he's just doing them in a more public sphere. There are definitely two sides to every coin.

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