Justin Bieber's Purpose Tour has become his own loud, Groundhog's Day hellscape.

The "What Do You Mean?" singer, who's currently threading through shows in Europe, found himself in familiar territory last night (October 23) when he was trying to speak to a Manchester, England crowd, but couldn't get a word in amid fan-screaming. So, he tried to politely appeal to fans to settle down a little bit, but when they wouldn't, he literally dropped the mic (threw it, more accurately) and stormed offstage.

"I appreciate all the support, I appreciate love I appreciate the kind things,” Bieber told fans, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “But the screaming in these breaks has got to stop. Please and thank you. I don't think it's necessary when I'm trying to say something and you guys are screaming."

Just days ago on October 18, Bieber similarly chided fans for being what he deemed too loud, noting "Can you guys do me a favor? Can you guys just relax for about two seconds?" Two days later, he doubled down on his position as canvasser of quiet, and told another crowd "Do you wanna take the [mic]? You can talk if you want."

Please be more couth at Justin Bieber's library.

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