Justin Bieber's performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards proved to be a deeply revealing one for the prodigal prince of pop: He broke down into tears upon nearing its end, and he later admitted to Jimmy Fallon the emotional display was a result of his waffling between feeling overwhelmed by a perceived acceptance from the audience and being disappointed in himself for missing some of his cues.

But the tears didn't stop flowing with the end of that performance -- Bieber claims he's had his ups and downs since. During an interview with Elvis Duran for Entertainment Tonight Bieber admitted, "It’s an emotional time in my life for sure. I’ve been having a lot of cries lately. Good cries, bad cries, just all around being emotional."

He insists that it's a good thing, saying it reflects his passion regarding his new album Purpose: "It shows how much I care, you know? I care about this project so much. I’ve put my heart and soul into it, I spent the past three or four years making it. It’s been exciting, it’s been an amazing roller coaster ride. Sometimes good days, sometimes bad days but overall it’s been pretty awesome."

As for the public scrutiny and pressure he's been under over the past few years -- due largely in part to a number of legal infractions as well as plain old reckless behavior -- Bieber is adamant that it was a necessary part of his evolution as a person.

He said, “I believe it was something I needed to learn. I’ve always been really stubborn. I don’t think I knew my self worth enough, but I think that comes in time of figuring yourself out more, knowing who you are a little bit more."

Finally, when asked where he saw himself in ten years, he lumped the following together, all of seemingly equal value: "Have a family, a wife, some kids, an indoor basketball court and an indoor pool."

Check out the video above to see the full interview.

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