While there have been no new or fresh legal incidents creating headaches for Justin Bieber in the past few days, that doesn't mean that existing headaches aren't creeping back into his life. He will now be deposed and questioned about a 2013 incident that took place in Miami, something his lawyers opposed.

Need a refresher? Well, the singer supposedly told his bodyguard to lay a hurting on photographer Jeffrey Binion and to hijack his SIM card during that particular situation.

Lawyers for the victim will be permitted to question The Biebs about other similar incidents that took place globally. They are also allowed to ask about his goon squad, aka security detail. Lawyers for the teen, who turns 20 on March 1, were desperate to block the deposition, but were denied in their attempts to do so, according to PEOPLE.

"Miami Judge Sarah Zabel initially denied Bieber's requests to stop Binion's lawyers from deposing him and asking questions about other incidents involving him and his varied bodyguards' aggressive behavior," a source said.

The PEOPLE insider continued, "Although Bieber's lawyers appealed the judge's rulings, the appeal was denied. Bieber can no longer hide. Binion's lawyers are waiting for a deposition date to be set in Miami."

Zabel also denied the request to stop the public's right to view the videotaped deposition.

We bet the singer is not used to being denied, denied, denied. But he was, was, was.

Howard Weitzman, one of the L.A.-based legal eagles representing The Biebs, spoke out, saying that Binion's suit "is totally without merit, as are the recent Miami DUI and Toronto assault cases where Justin has been wrongfully accused. These cases are all in the early stages of [legal procedure]. We choose to litigate them through the courts instead of the media."

A status report hearing is set for today (Feb. 19) regarding last month's Miami arrest for resisting and driving without a valid license. The Toronto limo driver case requires the singer to appear in court in his native Canada on March 10.

What a nightmare.