Has Justin Bieber learned his lesson after the embarrassment of being arrested for drag racing while DUI? Well, that remains to be seen. He was, however, in the path of further temptation after enjoying the sweet taste of freedom.

A CBS Miami reporter snapped a photo of the singer, dressed in a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, with his trusty phone in hand, surrounded by drinks.

We'll give Biebs the benefit of the doubt here. There is no proof that he had a sip of any beverage or libation. They were just... there.

But they were in his path, which means he could be led astray or be tempted to toss one back or pop a top. The fact that he was driving under the influence could be an indicator of a big problem.

The photo was taken in South Beach a few hours after his afternoon release (Jan. 23) from Miami's Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. Gaby Fleischman shared the photo on her feed at 5:30PM ET.

Biebs' dad, Jeremy, who may be an enabler, was next to him. Maybe Papa Bear Biebs even raised a glass to the fact that his son had a rite of passage that every troubled celeb deals with: their first arrest.