It's been said that one bad decision can affect your life forever — and while it's been just two and a half years since Justin Bieber vandalized his then-neighbors' Calabasas property, he likely rues the day he cast an egg-bomb in their direction. The couple claims they're still suffering ongoing emotional distress from their experiences with the Bieb, but his legal team is seeking a second diagnostic opinion.

Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz say they're experiencing medical issues from the woes of being Justin Bieber's neighbor, according to TMZ, claiming they're suffering headaches, stomachaches and insomnia from the lasting trauma. Team Bieber had reportedly filed court documents requesting the couple submit to mental evaluations that would lend more credence to their claims.

The Schwartz family loves to sue Justin, it would seem: The last legal action they pursued against the fan-hug-averse pop star was in March of 2015, for all of the non-egg-related disruptions they endured from Justin and his entourage. As Rolling Stone reports, their charges included Justin allegedly spitting on Schwartz, and a bodyguard calling the man "Jew boy." Justin's reps denied the bulk of the allegations.

The central incident in question occurred way back in January 2014, when Jeffrey and Suzanne caught Bieber and some friends pelting their house with chicken embryos. The L.A. County Sheriff's team searched Justin's home and garage a few days later, and in July 2014 he pleaded no contest to a criminal misdemeanor vandalism charge. The Schwartzes reportedly received over $80,000 for damages, while Justin fulfilled community service and attended mandatory anger management classes. He also wisely moved, selling his estate to Khloe Kardashian.

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