Dust off your best "Sorry" wordplay jokes, because Justin Bieber may deserve (or need to make) an apology after a late-night fracas that ended with Bieber on the ground.

A 13-second clip obtained by TMZ shows the singer taking a swing at a much larger man after a shoving match between the two. The (sadly vertical) Snapchat video was reportedly shot at Justin's hotel in downtown Cleveland, as he was in town to watch game 3 of the NBA Finals, and the incident occurred shortly after 11 PM.

The video doesn't provide much context for the brawl, and since it picks up mid-action there's no way to tell who or what started the fight. But a Cleveland local named Lamont Richmond claims to be the man who tussled with Bieber.

In a video posted to Facebook and since deleted, Richmond — who has not been confirmed as the same person in the clip, and its low resolution makes a photo comparison tough — says, "the fool ran up on me, I was with the girls. We just asked the n---- for an autograph, I don't know about all this other stuff y'all talking about. I got nothing else to say."

He did, in fact, have more to say in an earlier June 9 post: "For all you people talking crap he started with me I was just walking with my girlfriend, both of them. They asked the little guy can they take a picture with him he said hell no get out his face so I said what the hell worng [sic] with you. Then he threw a punch and you see from the video what I had to do."


Review the footage in question for yourself below, via TMZ.

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