Last month Justin Bieber was accused of an attempted robbery after a woman claimed he grabbed her cell phone because he believed she was taking photos of him at Sherman Oaks Castle Park. It was revealed today, a month after the occurrence, that Justin won’t be facing felony charges for the incident.

E! News learned from District Attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison that the court will not be filing felony charges for the attempted robbery at the mini-golf complex due to insufficient evidence. Instead, the case has been sent to the city attorney for a possible misdemeanor charge.

The police report, per E!, cites that nine employees of the park where the incident occurred were interviewed for their version of the story. None of them witnessed the ‘Believe’ star grab the victim’s phone. There was also no video footage of the incident, leaving the sole piece of evidence as the victim’s statement. Without sufficient proof, no felony charge can be made.

It’s likely a relief to the Biebs that he won’t be hit with a felony, but he’s still got plenty of other worries on his plate at the moment.

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