One Direction's Harry Styles might be strapping on his spacesuit and heading to the stars! The singer is rumored to have paid for a spot on Richard Branson's maiden voyage to space in 2014. Hazza isn't the first pop star to show an interest in exploring the galaxy. Justin Bieber also bought a ticket for the trip! If you had the opportunity to go to space with Justin or Harry, who would you choose?

There's no doubt about it, Justin would definitely bring some swag to space! The singer is all about attitude and no amount of anti-gravity will affect that! If you're nervous about leaving the planet, JB would be there to comfort you. He's known to have a penchant for speeding and will most likely be unfazed about blasting off from Earth.

Harry, on the other hand, will have you laughing the entire time. Not only is he a total cutie (those dimples!), he's a prankster with a great sense of humor. If you're nervous about heading to space, just let Harry serenade you with 'Little Things' or  'What Makes You Beautiful.' We doubt you'd be saying, "Take me home."

Which singer do you want to join you on a cosmic adventure: Justin or Harry? Vote for your fave inter-galactic pop star in the poll below!