Justin Bieber has increased his ink inventory... again! New Bieber tattoos are becoming an every day occurrence, it seems.

Fresh off the reveal that he got a tattoo of the word "forgive" on his belly while in a plane at 40,000 feet, hoping to set a world record, the singer has added to his sleeves. However, Biebs, who is pretty much covered in tattoos despite being just 20, said he is done with getting new tattoos for a bit!

The formerly clean-cut star is running out of skin real estate, so it's a good thing he's taking a pause on the tattoos. He is also starting to get a "yard hard" look with all those inkings.

Beliebers might start thinking about staging an ink intervention.

His father Jeremy is heavily tattooed, so he is taking after his pops. Many people with loads of tattoos often say that they are addictive, so... maybe The Biebs was responding to that.

Bieber captioned the tattoo below: "Done with tats 4 a while... Where I wanna be.." It has the word "trust" and a boom box, among other designs.

He also incorporated an eight ball and other designs into the Bansky balloon rendering.

A closer look at the court jester and the intricate shading.

Why have one sleeve when you can have two?