Justin Bieber wrapped the deeply personal and confessional #MusicMondays series with 'Confident,' but the singer will keep the new music party going in 2014.

The Biebs will issue the limited edition 'Journals' release, which will add several new tracks to the 10 that were released as part of the #MusicMondays promotion. He also revealed some details regarding the 'Believe' follow up.

Bieber will drop a temporary collection of all the #MM songs under the title 'Journals.' It will include videos and the trailer for the theatrical release of 'Believe,' which lands at the multiplex on Christmas, making it his gift for all Beliebers.

'Journals' will only be available via iTunes from Dec. 16 through Jan. 2. It will include five previously unreleased tunes. One will feature his 'As Long as You Love Me' collaborator Big Sean. One will feature Lil Wayne, of all people. Another will boast a spot from Future. One features production by Diplo.

Fans that already nabbed #MM tracks will be able to employ the 'Complete My Album' function -- only, it's called 'Complete My Journal.' The songs will continue to be sold on a per-track basis on iTunes after Jan. 2.

Want more good news, Beliebers? We know, it's almost too much to handle already.

The 'Confident' video will land early next year, and the Biebs will also announce plans to release his next album in the fourth quarter of 2014! Before he hits the studio, he will take his first vacation that spans longer than two weeks; it's the first time he will have done so since he was 12. We know: #BieberProblems.

Thanks to Billboard for the tip.

Justin Bieber 'Journals' Track Listing

1. 'Heartbreaker'
2. 'All That Matters'
3. 'Hold Tight'
4. 'Recovery'
5. 'Bad Day'
6. 'All Bad'
7. 'PYD' feat. R. Kelly
8. 'Roller Coaster'
9. 'Change Me'
10. 'Confident' feat. Chance the Rapper
11. 'One Life'
12. 'Backpack' feat. Lil Wayne
13. 'What’s Hatnin'' feat. Future
14. 'Swap It Out'
15. 'Memphis' feat. Big Sean
16. 'All That Matters' – Music Video
17. Justin Bieber’s 'Believe' Theatrical Trailer
18. Guatemala Pencils of Promise Journal Video