Whoa. That's a lot of "F" bombs. Justin Bieber was so frustrated by a photographer in London encroaching on his personal space and spewing cuss words at his security detail today (March 8) that he jumped out of his SUV, dropped the "F" word a lot of effing times and was ready to throw down.

His bodyguards had to hold him back. It was that heated. Biebs is a bruiser.

In the video, The Biebs' bouncers ask the horde of photogs for space and use physical means to create a lane so The Biebs can get into his black SUV. The bodyguards accost the snappers, saying they are in the way and need to step back.

The photogs didn't like how they were being treated and one began to curse out The Biebs' staff, using the "F" word. It sounds like he says "Go back to America" and "F--- your little boy" or "f--- the little moron."

Biebs, wearing a cherry red sweatshirt and hat, heard the commotion and popped out out of the car, asking, "What the f--- you say? What you say? I'll f---ing beat the f--- out of you."

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. The Biebs was ready to engage in fisticuffs, but his bouncers held him back and shoved him back into the car, like Secret Service protecting the president.

The snapper doesn't back down, telling the singer to lose the bouncers and come back out, saying "Come back you p----." (That word rhymes with "trick.") And you can hear Biebs yelling from the car before it speeds away.

What a raucous! This is behavior we expect from Chris Brown and Drake, not Biebs. Take it easy, kiddo. You just got out of the hospital.

After the heated exchange of "f" words, Biebs took to Twitter to apologize for the foul language, but in this case, there is no real need to say sorry. The paps were all up in his grill and he was frustrated, especially when one started verbally stepping to him and his crew. We can understand that he hit his boiling point, but he admitted he let the paps get the best of him, which he regretted.

It was sorta exciting to see The Biebs throw his weight around. He was hanging out with boxers like Mike Tyson a lot last year so he probably can throw a mean left hook. We're glad he didn't, though.