So, apparently Justin Bieber thinks he could take out any member of One Direction individually in a fight... after seeing him shirtless we're not so sure about that, considering Harry Styles looks like he could easily rock the Biebs in the ring, but what about if Bieber took on Zayn Malik of 1D?

Malik definitely has the bad boy look down to an art form, with his jet-black locks always done up and a brooding look usually slapped across his oh-so dreamy face, but could he take out the Biebs? Well, Malik and the Biebs seem to stand at the same height and would definitely be in the same weight class, so it would be a good boxing match to score tickets to.

Bieber has had some professional training from the likes of Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather, so he might be able to K.O. Malik in a match, but it's really hard to say who would win. Malik just seems like such a bada-- compared to the Biebs, but then again, he hasn't been boxing with the best of them.

Well, as you can see, we have no idea who would in this fight.... but that doesn't matter anyways! We want to know who you think would win in a battle of the fists: Zayn Malik of One Direction or Justin Bieber? Cast your vote below.