Fists are flying... and so are bottles apparently. In the early morning hours of June 14, Drake, Chris Brown and their accompanying entourages got into a brawl at a Manhattan nightclub, with Breezy suffering a gash to his chin after getting struck with a bottle.

Apparently, the fight broke out over some Rihanna beef (both men have been linked to the songstress), and Brown was hit when (reportedly) members of Drake's entourage started to launch bottles in his direction. This got us thinking and we want to know: If both performers were to meet in an open field (because this epic scene is how we imagine it going down in our heads... there would also be a thunderstorm and some sort of smoky effect) to fight it out man to man, who would win?

It would certainly be one heck of a fight, since both Brown and Drake are in top physical condition. Both Drizzy and Breezy stand at around 6' 0" tall, and although Brown seems to be much more active than the Young Money artists -- dancing hard is the singer's biggest hobby  -- Drake's definitely no lightweight. Additionally, Drake and Brown are both quite hot-headed, so there's no question that if they ever got the chance to duke it out in a boxing ring, it would definitely get interesting.

Now, of course, we aren't condoning violence in any way -- it really doesn't solve anything and can land to a whole world of trouble -- but if Drake and Brown were ever to meet again and an exchange of words lead to things escalating, who do you think would win in a fight? No entourages included.