While we're all waiting on bated breath to hear Austin Mahone's Justin Bieber-penned track, both of our favorite male pop stars recently released some seriously hot new songs, and we can't get enough of them. After teasing fans with snippets of other tracks, Justin Bieber dropped 'Looking for You,' his first full-length tune since December 2013 -- while Austin Mahone debuted the hyped-up 'Next to You' right before the release of his new EP, 'The Secret.' Which track is your fave?

Justin Bieber's 'Looking for You' is impossibly smooth -- and impossibly catchy. The R&B-style track totally rocks a Chris Brown vibe, with the Biebs crooning out confident, swoon-worthy lyrics like “Tonight might be the night, you might mess around and fall in love / And I might be the guy that’ll make you want to fall in love again." The sultry jam also features rap group Migos, and the guys help to infuse the song with some more of that urban flavor, spitting rhymes over addictive background beats. This one will be a fixture on our summer playlists for sure.

We're obsessed with the '90s resurgence that is currently happening in pop culture, and Austin Mahone's 'Next to You' sounds like it took a page from our favorite decade. The feel-good jam has all of the best parts of a '90s boy band track (sick electronic back beats? Romantic lyrics? Dreamy, smooth vocals? Check, check and check!), only kicked up a notch for 2014. Mahone is a master at the perfect pop-R&B song, and 'Next to You' is no exception. We can't stop singing it!

Which song is your fave? Vote for Justin's 'Looking for You' or Austin's 'Next to You' in the poll below!

Listen to Justin Bieber's 'Looking for You'

Listen to Austin Mahone's 'Next to You'