Justin Bieber and Michael Clifford both debuted brand new looks this week! While JB went back to his roots (literally) and brought back the beloved swoop, the 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist opted to switch up his hair color yet again and dyed it a silvery blond. Whose new hair is your fave?

Justin Bieber kicked it old school and went with a fan favorite -- the swoop! We could hardly belieb our eyes when the Biebs Instagrammed a pic of his new side-swept locks, his hair looking almost two-toned with blond bangs and a darker hue towards the crown of his head. While we love JB no matter the hair color -- even the longer, bleach blond look he's been rocking lately -- we have to say we're partial to the swoop. After all, it's what made us swoon our faces off in the first place.

To paraphrase Katy Perry, Michael Clifford changes his hair like a girl changes clothes. This time, he decided to go the very trendy silver/blond look, not going full-on old man (fortunately) but also not full on platinum like Kim Kardashian. While the 5SOS musician is pretty much a hair chameleon and can rock everything from fiery red to neon green, we think the slightly silver hair suits him. It kind of reminds us of Danny Phantom, and that's always awesome.

Whose new look do you like better? Cast your vote for Justin Bieber or Michael Clifford in the poll below!

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