Justin Bieber's monkey Mally -- no, not that one, that's Jerry -- is doing just fine. So PETA and other animal rights organizations can call off the dogs (!!!) regarding the situation that saw Mally quarantined in Germany, since his owner didn't have the necessary documentation to enter the country with it.

Biebs has four weeks to retrieve the simian and pay the fine.

PETA Germany has initiated contact with the shelter where Mally is currently being cared for and told E! that he is "being treated wonderfully well." The monkey is in good hands and is safe, which is priority numero uno. He is noshing on a diet of fruits (aw!), porridge (aw, again!) and baby food (triple aw!).

The capuchin will also socialize with other primates, so that he can enjoy interaction with own kind, stimulating his psychological growth. He is said to be getting along with staffers.

The monkey is just 14 weeks old and specialists say he should not have been weaned from his mother so soon. A year would have been a better age, so say the experts.

While PETA is happy that Mally is doing well, the animal rights org did shake its finger at the Biebs' for adopting an animal he may not have been properly equipped to care for -- although there's probably a position opening up on his payroll for someone to look after the monkey.

PETA said, "Young people often acquire animals without considering the impact or consequences, and Justin Bieber likely had no idea that Mally was a baby, taken away from [his] mother at way too young an age. We trust that he'll do the right thing and pay for Mally to stay in Europe with people who are sensitive to, and familiar with, [his] unique needs."

In Germany, monkeys are only allowed to live with other monkeys, which is not the case in the U.S.

Biebs' manager Scooter Braun is dealing with the situation and has been in contact with the shelter so Biebs and Mally can reunite.

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