We're incredibly disappointed to report that Justin Bieber is planning to turn over possession of his pet monkey Mally to German authorities, which seized custody of the young capuchin in March and quarantined him when The Biebs failed to produce the necessary and proper documentation required to transport the monkey into the country.

He was given a deadline to pony up paperwork by Friday, May 17, or the monkey would remain the property of the country.

The Biebs lost custody of Mally upon arriving in Munich in March as part of his tour itinerary. The pet was placed in a center run by the Munich Animal Protection League, where all reports indicated he was thriving. Sources claimed The Biebs' team was working to regain ownership of the simian. But that effort has stalled.

Shelter spokeswoman Judith Brettmeister says that members of The Biebs' team plan to relinquish the monkey to the German authorities and leave him there. She stated, "Bieber’s lawyers have indicated they would like to leave the monkey."

She offered an update on Mally, saying he was 14-weeks-old when he was seized and required veterinary care since he was taken from his mother way too soon. Mally is adjusting to his new life, though.

Brettmeister said, "From an animal rights perspective, it would have been better to do that before, as he is being kept well here but not with other members of his own species. But it is now jumping around, learning slowly to climb and to use its tail."

The Biebs needs to stop being so capricious with living, breathing things. He ditched his hamster Pac (R.I.P., the furball died despite the best efforts of its news caretaker, a Belieber) and he toted a snake to the MTV VMAs in 2011.

Ditching Mally in a foreign country is really unfair to the animal. He should pay the fine, get him back and hone up to his responsibilities and place the creature humanely. It's not a toy.

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