There's an update on Mally, Justin Bieber's pet monkey that was quarantined in Germany.

The customs authorities in the country, which seized the simian on March 28 because JB lacked proper documentation, said it will remain in an animal shelter, as opposed to being placed in a zoo.

Supposedly, someone connected to The Biebs asked that Mally, a 17-week old capuchin monkey, be transferred to a zoo but the request was denied.

According to AP, Judith Brettmeister, spokeswoman for the Munich Animal Protection League shelter, said that a rep from The Biebs' management company sent two emails, but she could not confirm if they were legit and from Scooter Braun's peeps.

She said that the first email asked how long the singer had to provide paperwork before the animal was euthanized. Brettmeister relayed the news that German shelters do not practice euthanasia.

A second email read: "Our team is looking into the idea of placing Mally at a zoo in Germany. Would you happen to have any recommendations for places that Mally would be safe and thrive?"

It also stated: "Again, we are very concerned that Mally is safe and placed in the best possible residence."

A zoo transfer requires Bieber to contact customs to forfeit the animal and pay the costs associated with it.

The monkey will remain at the shelter until the singer or someone with power of attorney makes direct contact with customs. The teen has until May 17 to provide the necessary paperwork. If he misses that deadline, Mally becomes the "property of the Federal Republic of Germany."

Someone on Team Biebs needs to address this ASAP. It's a living, breathing being. Just letting the deadline lapse is irresponsible and unfair to Mally.

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