Sound the alarm: Justin Bieber got naked while on vacation and there's photo proof of it on the Internet.

Bieber -- who, with his newly white, poorly styled hair, resembles the likes of Will Ferrell's Zoolander character Mugatu in these photos -- is currently taking a break from his hectic promo schedule to vacation in the scenic Bora Bora with his rumored (though as-of-yet-unconfirmed) girlfriend, British vlogger Jayde Pierce.

Forgetting that the ever-invasive paparazzi are, also, ever-present, Bieber stripped down completely, attempting to go for a casual, naked swim. A pap with a telephoto lens was maybe hiding in a tree somewhere nearby, and now the Internet will never be the same.

The New York Daily News published a whole slew of those nude photos, which were presumably taken without the “Boyfriend” singer’s knowledge, and we’re going to go ahead and contribute to Bieber's loss of privacy by linking you to them now. So, if you're interested, you can check out every last photo over at the New York Daily News' site.

Bieber has yet to acknowledge the pictures, and that's probably because he's too busy promoting his upcoming album, rumored to be titled Purpose, which is set to drop on November 13 -- the same day One Direction's fifth (and, perhaps, final) album Made in the A.M. will hit shelves. It's a coincidence that has not been lost on Bieber.

During a recent interview with a New Zealand radio station, he commented on the release date saying (via Entertainment Weekly), "I don’t know if they’re really going on the road much, but we’re talking about them right now, so it gives them some promo, right? So that’s probably why they did it…I think it was strategy on their part, because my release date was first.”

We don't blame Bieber for failing to realize that One Direction have been on the road nearly nonstop over the past five years -- going so far as to name their current tour the On The Road Again Tour -- but suggesting they're using Bieber for some silent promo does feel a little petulant.

Still, he maintained that "It's whatever," and that "It’s gonna be fun. I’m excited to see what happens.” We'll go with that for now.

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