Beliebers, we know you worship the ground Justin walks on (Jimmy Kimmel demonstrated this quite nicely), but you need to recognize that your idol is really going through a bout of bad behavior.

Justin Bieber's most recent gaffe comes to us in the form of something pretty darn vile. According to TMZ, the 'All Around the World' pop star and his friends (who have nicknamed themselves the Wild Kidz for no apparent reason?) were leaving a nightclub through the kitchen when Bieber just could not hold his water anymore.

So, instead of finding the closest restroom (we're sure the establishment had an employee bathroom), Bieber decided to just let loose and pee directly into a mop bucket. Uh, gross and super inconsiderate. Some poor nightclub worker is going to have to empty said water with Justin's wizz in it just so they can mop the floor.

How does Justin justify this absolutely vile behavior? "You'll forever remember that." Pretty sure the nightclub employees would prefer you to remember you relieving yourself in the proper arena.

Then, as Justin and his "Wild Kidz" exit the building Bieber picks up a spray bottle and aims it at a picture of President Bill Clinton, to which he says, "F--- Bill Clinton!" before running out of the building. Someone (we can't tell if it's Bieber or not) is heard saying "Who stole my beer?" at the end of the video. We think it's safe to assume you don't pee in a nightclub's mop bucket and nickname your posse the "Wild Kidz" if you haven't had a few (hundred) alcoholic beverages.

Yes, Justin is young. Yes, he is rich, but there are plenty of young and wealthy celebs who also have good manners. Get this kid to etiquette school.

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