Justin Bieber and Lil Twist may have gotten into a lil' trouble together around New Year's, but it's not all play and no work. The twosome is working on music together.

A lil' recap of their recent shenanigans: Twist was driving The Biebs' Ferrari when it was pulled over and a paparazzo was killed trying to grab photos of the car, thinking Biebs was inside. Then there was the blunt smoking photos taken of The Biebs at a party that Twist attended; it was said it was Twist who was rolling 'em. But as we said, The Biebs and the rapper aren't just enjoying recreational time together, though. Apparently, they are crafting tunes because a major roadblock is out of the way.

Word is The Biebs' ex Selena Gomez was not fond of her man spending a lot of time with Lil Twist, and now that those two have reportedly split for good, The Biebs is taking his association with the rapper further and making music with him.

Mazy Kazerooni, a business associate of Twist, according to Hollywood Life, tweeted about hanging out with his client on his birthday and The Biebs, saying he could not wait to hear what the music the two are collaborating on sounds like.

Kazerooni also seems to be a bit of a celeb photo poster, sharing this photo with The Biebs on Instagram. Yes, we know, all that means is that the he met The Biebs, but it also shows that he may be truthful in his tweet about the new music collabo between Biebs and Twist.


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