That was quick.

Days after Rihanna set the VEVO record for most views of a video within 24 hours with 'Where Have You Been,' Beliebers went and stole her title. So how many views did Justin Bieber get for 'Boyfriend?'

In fewer than 24 hours, 'Boyfriend' garnered over 5 million views, beating RiRi's 4,937,281 swiftly and easily.

Considering Bieber got his start on YouTube after his own videos went viral, it's a pretty nice way for his career to come full circle. The guy clearly knows how to make a quality clip: he even kissed puppies, held babies, and performed a cover song in "the ultimate viral video" for his pal Ryan Seacrest. He's nothing if not a savvy businessman!

It's not the first time his Beliebers have broken a record. On March 1, Bieber’s big 1-8, his fans took to Facebook to set the Guinness World Record for most social media messages sent within 24 hours. It beats getting a sweater, right?

VEVO announced the news on their Twitter page.

Bieber responded quickly, crediting his ever-loyal (and productive!) fans for his victory.

Keep his numbers up and his record safe by watching 'Boyfriend' below!

Watch the Justin Bieber 'Boyfriend' Video