Selena Gomez may have reiterated that she is still single, despite this photo. But what she says is a stark contrast to what she does. The singer and her on-off ex -- and really, these two are more up and down that ChRihanna -- were spotted clubbing in Los Angeles on Tuesday, May 14.

Jelena were seen doing it up at Supperclub. A source told E! that the twosome entered the establishment at 11:30PM (a late night!) with security detail. They used a private back entrance since anything less would be uncivilized.

The witness said that Sel wore a "sexy club dress" (whatevs that means) while The Biebs rocked his standard issue uniform of a t-shirt, a chain and high-tops. Tay James, a DJ and Bieber bro, was celebrating his birthday, and Jelena were enjoying the festivities, holding hands and dancing.

The couple split after chatting with the club manager. They exited in the same manner in which they arrived at around 12:15AM. Maybe they wanted some alone time, since it was not a long hang sesh up in da club.

They have a magnetic forcefield between 'em. They can't pry themselves apart, despite their own best efforts.

Oh wait, we forget. Sel keeps telling us she is single. Mmm hmm. Maybe she is making her man come and get it? Zing.

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